Hi There!

I have blog jealousy.  I see people with neat craft blogs and I want one.  That’s how I feel about most things, really.  I see neat crafts and I want them.  I see neat hobbies and I want them.  I guess that’s what makes me a dilettante.  I have a lot of ideas, not much time, and the attention span of a toddler.  Oh, yeah, I have one of those, too (a toddler).  Which makes my attention span even shorter, or at leasts distracts my already short attention span.

Anyway, I have PLANS.  You know, for costumes/jewelry/knitting/home projects/cooking/I could completely keep going here.  They never really turn out as well as I hope.  If I even get to them.

Maybe this blog will give me accountability?  Maybe it’s just sort of a project journal for me.  Maybe I just crave approval.  Whatever.

This blog will probably not make your life better.  Or mine.

But is that really the point, after all?


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